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Bare Conductor for Overhead Lines

Bare Copper or Aluminum Conductor

Solid or stranded conductors of various dimensions, degree of hardness according to international specifications are manufactured.

ACSR, ACSR/Grs and AACSR Conductor

Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR) of every type and dimensions are manufactured, in order to be used in aerial lines for power transmission.

In some special cases, following types shall be manufactured as customer’s Requirement

  • ACSR (ACSR/Grs) : Grease ACSR. Normally used in harsh environment as salty air, ….
  • ACSR/AW : Aluminum-coated steel wires for reducing internal corrosion
  • AACSR : Aluminum Alloy Conductor Steel Reinforced. It is used when higher strength is needed.
HCC (High Capacity Cable)
HCC is a cable used when a greater power supply is required as compared to ACSR. Examples of HCC include Hi-STACIR/AW, Hi-TACSR/AW, and TACSR/AW. Particularly, while Hi-STACIR/AW is similar to ACSR, the allowable current of Hi-STACIR/AW can be doubled. When installed cables are needed for high capacity, Hi-STACIR/AW is commonly used.

OPGW (Optical Fiber overhead Ground wire)

Optical fiber is added to the features of overhead power transmission lines. It protects power transmission lines from lightening and failed current when power transmission lines fail, allowing the addition of communication features to OPGW. OPGW is currently used for many aerial lines.


OPGW is categorized as loose buffer-type OPGW made by containing optical fibers in a plastic tube and SSLT-type OPGW made by containing optical fiber in a stainless steel tube, depending on the structure of the optical fiber unit that wraps the optical fiber.

Bare Conductor for Overhead Lines
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