LSVINA electrical cables bring safety and quality to construction projects.

The Ministry of Public Security reports that out of more than 27,500 fire incidents occurring between 2012 and 2020, approximately 14,200 were caused by electrical system failures, accounting for 51.9%.

Recently, there have been various fire incidents across the country, some of which have resulted in significant damage to both property and human lives. One of the reasons behind these fires is electrical faults. A prominent example is the fire at a karaoke bar in Binh Duong on September 6, 2022, which was concluded to be caused by an electrical short circuit in the wiring installed on the ceiling. From there, the fire spread in various directions, leading to a major blaze that claimed the lives of 32 victims. The incident with the highest casualty toll to date occurred on September 12, 2023, in Hanoi, when a fire in a mini apartment building led to the death of 56 people. This incident also resulted from an electrical short circuit in a motorcycle battery, followed by the fire spreading to the electrical cables, electrical meter boxes mounted on walls, and the surrounding areas.

The scene of the fire incident at the mini apartment building in Hanoi.

To prevent fire incidents caused by electrical short circuits and faulty electrical equipment, it is advisable for constructions to use electrical equipment and wiring that adhere to proper standards. These should be regularly inspected and maintained, especially in environments prone to fires and explosions. For critical constructions and areas, it is recommended to use fire-resistant and fire-retardant electrical cables.

Fire-retardant cables are typically manufactured from halogen-free materials with low smoke production and the ability to prevent the rapid spread of flames. However, fire-retardant cables do not maintain the electrical circuit's integrity.

Fire-resistant cables, on the other hand, possess fire-retardant properties similar to fire-retardant cables but are additionally equipped with a fire-resistant mica tape. They have excellent dielectric strength and can withstand high temperatures. Fire-resistant cables act as a fire barrier for electrical conductors, maintaining circuit integrity for a specified period according to the standards of each cable type. Fire-resistant cables are often used in critical systems where electrical conductivity needs to be maintained during a fire, such as emergency evacuation systems, fire alarm systems, and primary electrical systems.

Fire-resistant cable testing in the laboratory.

As a leading global electrical cable manufacturer, LS Cable & System Group in South Korea has transferred all of its most advanced technology in design and production, including fire-retardant and fire-resistant cable products, to LS-VINA Cable & System. LS-VINA's fire-resistant cable products meet TCVN standards and have received quality certifications from reputable international inspection organizations such as TUV and INTERTEK. These products have been widely used in projects for both domestic and international customers.

Quality Certification for LS-VINA Fire-Resistant and Fire-Retardant Cables

With dedicated efforts and a commitment to continuously innovate technology to offer the best products at affordable prices, LSVINA Cable & System has been expanding its market presence. We have introduced our products into various projects and households across Vietnam, contributing to the joint efforts of the government and the people in preventing fires and explosions, and minimizing the unfortunate consequences caused by electrical short circuits in recent times.

We are always ready to provide advice and answer any questions related to our wire and cable products at LSVINA Cable & System, especially fire-resistant and fire-retardant cables. Please feel free to contact us via email at or call us at 0223.540.335 for the best support