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Established since 25 Jan, 1996, LS VINA Cable & System is a joint venture of LS Cable & System - Korea and Hai Phong city. Our products are manufactured on the world latest modern technology under the supervision of the leading experts from Korea and a well team of experienced Vietnamese engineers.
We have made high quality products with well-design, meeting Vietnamese standards as well as international standards of IEC, IEEA, AEIC, KS, AS/NZS, BS, IS, JIS. Furthermore, our products have been tested and certified by reputable laboratories from Vietnam such as QUATEST 1, QUATEST 3 and the International Laboratory such as KEMA (Holland), Intertek/Etl Semko (America), KINECTRICS INTERNATIONAL INC (Canada), TUV Rheinland (German), TUV SUD PSB (Singapore) etc.
Our main products are various kinds of overhead conductors, low voltage cables upto 1kV, medium voltage cables upto 40.5kV, high voltage under ground cables upto 230kV, building wires, bare conductor of aluminum and copper, high current capacity conductors, OPGW. We also manufacture cables with special characteristics like water tight, flame retardant halogen free and fire resistant, anti termite, anti rodent, oil proof, instrument cable which satisfies requirements of domestic and oversea customers.
LS VINA Cable & System also supplies other products of LS Cable & Systems Ltd such as super thermal resistant conductors, submarine cables, HV&MV accessories, etc. Addionally, LS VINA also provide customer with turn key base inclusive of engineering, designing, manufacturing and installation for upto 230kV underground cable projects.
We are applying quality management system to ISO 9001:2015, enviroment management system ISO 14001:2015 and occupational health & safety management system which complies with OHSAS 18001:2007. This is evidencing that Management of LS VINA sets the quality of products and long term development in line with environment protection as priority.
All members of LS VINA Cable & System aim to be "Enable the Cabled World"


CEO Message

“We always make the best effort to become a
leading power cable maker in Asia.”

Established in 1996, LS VINA Cable & System is one of the most successful overseas subsidiaries of LS Cable & System - Korea. In our development path, we have asserted our position as the top power cable company in Vietnam and South East Asia.
Enable the Cabled World – Aiming at enhancing and enriching the world through energy and information, based on technology platform and excellent production quality of LS Cable & System Korea, and assisted by the professional skills, creativity and enthusiasm of all employees, LS VINA Cable & System is bound to become South East Asia’s leading enterprise with comprehensive growth, and an important and trusted partner to all of the customers.
Together with the sustainable development of the enterprise, we particularly focus on our social responsibilities. A platform of green, clean and environment-friendly technology is the top priority we have always been seeking for. Furthermore, our community activities and donations for the local area and other provinces in Vietnam have notably contributed to improving the lives of people who are in difficult circumstances.
Finally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all partners, customers, and shareholders who have placed their trust on us. Our best efforts will be the foundation for your development; and together we will create a better life, a better society.

Thank you!

General Diretor

Jong - Pil Kim
CEO Message

LS VINA System Way



LS VINA Cable & System is connecting the whole world with power and communications technology, making it abundant and convenient. We see it as our mission to create a world connected by cables to develop a brighter future and enhance mankind’s quality of life.



As a global company, LS VINA Cable & System promises to provide higher added value to customers through power and communication solutions. In order to achieve this, we will pursue balanced growth across all business fields around the globe. Furthermore, we will continually innovate our business model to provide engineering, consulting and other services, as well as fostering of new businesses. We will introduce customized services for our customers based on digital platforms and big data, and conduct field-based management based on autonomy and responsibility. In addition, we will faithfully perform our roles as a corporate citizen through fair business administration and continuous social contribution.


C.O.R.E, the core values of LS VINA Cable & System, implies that we are the core source for cables and the core of the world, and all LS VINA Cable & System must keep the core values of C.O.R.E. in mind.

Customer FirstCustomer First

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Quality Policy

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