Grand opening ceremony of SCR factory

In order to meet the growing demand for electrical cable and industrial material, LS-VINA Cable & System has invested in the construction of a SCR continuous copper casting factory with capacity of 100 thousands tons per year.

Presisdent In Jai Baeg report about factory construction process.

During the inauguration ceremony of SCR continuous copper casting factory, LS-VINA was honored to welcome chairman of LSCNS Korea Group – Mr. Koo, Cha-Yup, CEO Mr. Myung, Roe Huyn, the leader companies, departments under the group, domestic and foreign guests, and all employees of LS-VINA.

The inauguration ribbon cutting ceremony

After 1 year, with the serious labor, constant efforts of all employees of the company, together with all technology and technical support from copper casting expert of LSCNS Korea Group, the cooperation of all supplier, partners involve in the construction process, the SCR continuous casting factory has officially opened on April 16, 2019. The very first copper products fully meet the quality standard and can be immediately use in electrical cable production process as well as marketed.

The first product

With experience and technology of LSCNS Korea Group, LS-VINA has used the management system, researched and developed by the LSCNS Group, has proven its quality and efficiency through actual production. This management system includes production processes, data creation, quality management, detecting and warning early about error of the device (Digital transformation system).

Mr. In Jai Baeg introduces the production process, quality management in computer to Chairman of LSCNS Group - Mr. Koo, Cha-Yub and guests.

LS-VINA is the No.1 electrical cable company in Viet Nam, leading the market of electrical wire and cable and will also lead the market of industrial material through the SCR copper casting line with the capacity of 100,000 tons per year. Along with the existed aluminum casting line with capacity of 30,000 tons per year, LS-VINA’s industrial material not only serve the production of electrical cables of the company but also serve Viet Nam market and export to foreign markets. This will be the turning point, enhancing LS-VINA competitiveness and helping LS-VINA achieve significant grow in sales, thereby strengthening the No.1 position of a Cable company in Viet Nam and 1 of the Top 10 Cable Businesses in Asia.

Chairman of LSCNS Group - Mr. Koo, Cha-Yub and guests in factory tour.