LS C&S Wins Bid to Supply HVDC for Largest-ever Power Transmission Network Construction Project in Europe Worth 2 Trillion Won

Photograph) View of the LS C&S HVDC Factory in Donghae-si, Gangwon-do

■ Supplying HVDC to power transmission networks and submarine/underground cables connecting offshore wind farm in North Sea
■ Only company in Korea to commercialize world’s highest voltage HVDC cable (525 kV)
■ HVDC factory completed recently and additional investments being considered

LS C&S will be participating in the largest-ever power transmission network construction project.

LS C&S announced on May 8 that the company will be supplying HVDC cables worth 2 trillion won to TenneT, the national power company of the Netherlands.  

The power transmission network construction project will connect an offshore wind farm in the North Sea to mainland Germany and the Netherlands via HVDC cables. LS C&S won the bid for the project by forming a consortium with the Belgian construction companies Ja De Nul and Denys.

LS C&S is scheduled to begin supplying 525 kV submarine and underground cables starting in 2026.

TenneT has required a long-term reliability test as a condition of all major cable companies participating in bidding ahead of this project. LS C&S has previously met the technical specifications required by TenneT as well as international standards to successfully complete the test, as the company qualified for bidding back in October 2022.

HVDC cables are capable of transmitting a large amount of current with less power loss over a long distance than AC cables, and they are being used more throughout long-distance power transmission networks as of late. HVDC cables are also being used in the field of renewable energy for offshore wind farms and solar farms.

Of all HVDC cable, 525 kV cables offer the highest voltage, which has significantly increased the amount of power transmission compared to the existing 320kV cables. In addition, only a handful of companies in the world have successfully developed voltage source converter (VSC) technology, which can freely change the direction of power transmission, and LS C&S is the only company in Korea in possession of such technology.

The company stated, “We have been preparing for the growing market by newly constructing a HVDC factory,” and added, “The market is growing rapidly surrounding European and North American markets, and we are also planning to make additional investments.”