LS Cable & System Strengthens Global Cable Solutions Capabilities

LS Cable & System Way.

Koo Cha-yup, chairman of LS Cable & System, announces the “LS Cable & System Way” on Jan. 9

Declaring the “LS Cable & System Way,” which contains a new vision and core values of the company, LS Cable & System has announced on Jan. 9 that it will become a global provider of cable solutions.

The company is planning to redefine the direction of its business and integrate the abilities of its employees. LS Cable & System Way is the combination of its vision of “Enable the Cabled World” and its code of conduct for all employees, “C.O.R.E.”

The company's vision is to make the world brighter and richer through energy and information as a total cable solutions corporation with expertise. While the company is strengthening its specialties based on the wire and cable business, it is also planning to strengthen abilities to provide not only cable products but also solutions, including engineering and installation, targeting the global market.

The “C.O.R.E” values means the four principles for action that the company's employees should follow. The “C” stands for Customer First. The “O” stands for One LS C&S. The “R” stands for Rule and Responsibility, and the “E” stands for Expertise. The company emphasizes that like the core conductor of a wire, all employees should keep these “C.O.R.E” values in mind.

LS Cable & System Chairman Koo Cha-yub said, “At this point of time the base for reforms should be established. The LS Cable & System Way will act as a compass and a pivot for the company’s management direction and its employees’ values. I hope that you should put our vision and core values into practice actively in order to settle as our unique corporate culture, not becoming an empty declaration and a slogan.”