LS Eco Energy is promoting the commercialization of superconducting cables in Vietnam

LS Eco Energy (CEO Lee Sang-ho) on April 2 announced that they had signed a business agreement with the Institute of Energy (IE) under the General Department of Electricity of Vietnam on the business of superconducting cables.

The two sides plan to establish a joint cooperation system and seek business opportunities to apply superconducting cables to Vietnam's power grid.

In 2019, LS Cable & System succeeded in commercializing the world's first superconducting cable at the Heungdeok-Singal substation area in Yongin-si, Kyunggi-do. To date, this is the only transmission line in the world that is in commercial operation.

Superconducting cables take advantage of the phenomenon of superconductivity, in which resistance disappears at low temperatures, to maximize transmission efficiency. If capacity expansion is needed due to overload, just replace the cable, transmission capacity can be increased more than five times.

In addition, when building a new urban area, the cost of rough construction can be reduced to less than 1/20 by replacing electrical pipes about 3 m high with pipes about 1 m long. Electromagnetic waves are also not created and do not impact the environment. At the same time, the scale and number of substations and transmission towers can be reduced.
Mr. Lee Sang-ho, CEO of LS Eco Energy, said: “In Vietnam, electricity shortages will worsen due to urbanization and the construction of large-scale data centers by global companies. "We will rely on our existing experience operating in Vietnam and LS Cable's high technology to expand our business in Vietnam."