LS Group continues to be the main Sponsor of the V.League 1 and V.League 2

LS Group (Korea) has continued to stick with two important tournaments of Vietnamese football as the main sponsor.

On the afternoon of December 24, in Hanoi, VPF Company and LS Group held a signing ceremony for the main sponsorship of the V.League 1, V.League 2 2021. Attending the ceremony, there was the Deputy Director of the High-Achievement Sports Department. (General Department of Sports) Nguyen Quoc Hung, VFF Standing Vice Chairman Tran Quoc Tuan, VFF Vice President Le Van Thanh, VPF Chairman Tran Anh Tu, Chief Editor of Football Magazine Nguyen Van Phu.


On the side of LS sponsor, there are Mr. Kim Jong Pil - General Director of LS VINA Cable & System Company and representatives of Thai Son Bac company, Thai Son Nam company and the mass media. After the first season of main sponsorship for the V. League, First Division, the LS Group brand has been highly pervasive, receiving great attention from fans. LS Group is known as one of the largest corporations in Korea in the field of electrical equipment, energy and electrical materials. In Vietnam, in addition to LS VINA Cable & System, which specializes in Electrical Wire and Cable products, other LS brands are distributed by Thai Son Nam and Thai Son Bac.

Attending and speaking at the signing ceremony, VFF Standing Vice Chairman Tran Quoc Tuan highly appreciated the companionship and side-by-side of LS Group in the development of Vietnamese football. The interest of LS Group has contributed to the success of the domestic tournaments in Vietnam.

In 2020, Vietnamese football has been heavily influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic, but after the pandemic is well controlled in many localities, the V. League, First Class ball has returned and become a big bright spot with football on the continent as well as the world, when Vietnam's domestic tournaments become a rare global tournament, are held and have a certain number of spectators entering the cheerleading field.

Phó Chủ tịch thường trực VFF Trần Quốc Tuấn đánh giá cao sự đồng hành, tài trợ của Tập đoàn LS dành cho hạng Nhất, V.League

Standing Vice Chairman of VFF Tran Quoc Tuan highly appreciated the companionship and sponsorship of LS Group for First Division, V.League

 General Director Kim Jong Pil emphasized that the LS Group will continuously support Vietnamese professional football in the near future.

Very happy to be the main sponsor and companion for the V. League, First Division, Mr. Kim Jong Pil - General Director of LS VINA Cable & System Company said: “In the midst of many sports matches around the world Unable to take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in Vietnam, with effective disease control policies and close coordination of the entire population, the Covid-19 had been beaten, the 2020 season was held successfully. count in the championship race and avoid relegation. Through the activities of continuing to sponsor the V. League, First Division, LS Group will continuously support Vietnamese professional football as well as continue to make contributions to economic development”.

Chủ tịch VPF Trần Anh Tú cho rằng với việc tiếp tục hợp tác của Tập đoàn LS thì giải hạng Nhất, V.League sẽ góp phần cống hiến, đem đến cho NHM những trận cầu hấp dẫn

VPF Chairman Tran Anh Tu said that with the continued cooperation of the LS Group, the First Division, the V.League will contribute to giving fans attractive matches.

Meanwhile, VPF Chairman Tran Anh Tu expressed: “The trust and companionship of the sponsors, especially LS Group, will be the source to support VPF to overcome obstacles and bring the 2020 season to the finish line. And certainly, with the continued cooperation of the LS Group, V. League, First Division 2021 will contribute and bring to the NHM interesting matches”.

Tập đoàn LS tiếp tục đồng hành cùng 2 giải đấu chuyên nghiệp của Việt Nam

LS Group continues to accompany 2 professional tournaments in Vietnam

 Leaders of the General Department of Gymnastics and Sports, Vietnam Football Federation congratulate the cooperation between VPF and LS at the 2021 National Professional Football season.


In the 2021 season, VPF and media partner Next Media continue to maintain their 100% goal of 100% matches at LS V. League 2021 to be broadcast live, and will also improve the television quality of LS First Division matches 2021.

According to the plan, LS V. League 2021 will start from January 16th, 2021 with the participation of 14 teams. And the First Division LS 2021 is expected to kick off in early April. This year, many V. League teams have a great investment in force, especially teams B.BD, HAGL have very famous coaches Phan Thanh Hung, Kiatisak, so they promise to create a force. New, big competition at the championship race.