LS VINA signed a 50 million USD Contract with Hoang Son Group.

In 20/3/2019, at Hoang Son Group Headquarter in Cam Hoa Ward, Cam Xuyen District, Ha Tinh Provice LS-VINA Cable & System Joint Stock Company and Hoang Son Group held a Signing ceremony to supply power cable product for the construction of solar energy plant invested by Hoanh Son Group. The total value of the contract that Hoanh Son Group signed with LS-VINA Cable & System Joint Stock Company is worth 50 million USD in 2 years.
LS-VINA President In Jai Baeg and Hoanh Son Group President Pham Hoanh Son

Hoanh Son Group is a leading multi-business enterprise in Ha Tinh and central regions. In the past few years, Hoanh Son Group has invested to expand the scope of operations in all areas of commercial business, transport business and construction investment. In the field of construction investment, Hoanh Son Group has been and will invest in many key project in different fields such as seaport, renewable energy, housing and urban areas, etc.
The solar energy project of Hoang Son Group in Cam Hoa Ward, Cam Xuyen District with a capacity of 50 MWp, including 200,000 modules ( solar battery panels ) polycrystalline type, the performance of module reached 15,5% and the capacity of each module is 250 Wp. The total value of the investment for the project is over 1,458 billion VND. This project marks the beginning of renewable energy development in Hatinh province. In addition, the project will also connect with the national power grid, contributing to ensuring energy security and enviromental protection.
The solar panels are being urgently installed
According to Mr. Tran Quang Thuong – Vice president of Hoang Son Group, this project requires high experience, technique and technology so the company has signed a cooperation with Eab New Energy (Germany) to supply equipment and technical support during the construction process. LS-VINA Cable & System Joint Stock Company will be the supplier of all electrical cable systems for the project. Hoanh Son will focus to speed up the construction process to be able to complete the plant and connect to the national grid before June 30, 2019.
Mr. Tran Quang Thuong – Vice president of Hoanh Son Group
LS-VINA will be the supplier electrical cable product for construction and renewable energy projects that Hoanh Son Group is the investor. LS-VINA is proud to have the trust of Hoanh Son Group, and with the reputation of No.1 quality in Viet Nam in wire and cable products, we believe in a successful cooperation and contributing to the success of Hoanh Son Group.