LS VINA Cable & System always with the LS V. League1 2020 Soccer

Always with the V.League1 National Championship football tournament, on July 17, 2020, LS VINA Cable and System Joint Stock Company organized for Employees and loyal customers to watch football at Hang Day Stadium, The match between Hanoi FC - Hai Phong FC. 
In order to keep the fans passionate about the sport, LS VINA Cable also prepared a lot of gifts for all fans to watch the match.

The company arranged Bus to bring EMPLOYEES from Hai Phong to the Hang Day Stadium

The Marketing team has been at the stadium in the earnly to give a gift for the audience-fans to watch the play football match

Giving gift for LS V. League1 Fans

Mr. Jong-Pil Kim – General Director of LS VINA Cable & System went to the STADIUM 

LS VINA Employees in Hai Phong also went to the Hang Day Stadium

The excitement that appears on each expression of LS VINA Employees

Through the ticket checkpoint for access to the Stadium and the seat stable

Everyone stands up as a pre-match for the National of anthem

Beauty Soccer-A picture that signals a fiery battle for being taken place

The LS VINA Cable & System Cheerleader Incredibly exciting

The 0-1 head was headed towards Hanoi FC, with two teams devoted to the players and fans of a dramatic bridge battle, with beautiful shadows and excellent fighting spirit

LS VINA Cable & System EMPLOYEES with the spirit of sport and young age will always devote and supervise with V. League1 & 2 

We will welcome the images of LS VINA Cable & System with Fans and close customers on 24/7 match in HCM City