Name change announcement

We, LS-VINA Cable, are proud to announce that we are changing company name from LS-VINA Cable to LS-VINA Cable & System.

With the aim of strategy in business model expansion from supply of power cable products and equipment for electricity industry to providing a total system solutions helping LS Brand to penetrate into global market successfully . Changing the name of our company is our driving force for changing our business model from traditional business model of only supply manufactured products to a new business model which focuses on offering customers with a total solution. In doing so, LS Cable & System concentrates on strengthening business capability of diversifying cable solutions in power transmission, wind power, rail way, ship boat, automotive, airport, in-building, telecommunication, green city, intelligent building using solar energy etc….The New name is the self proof of evidence showing best effort of LS Group in promoting LS to be No. 1 global brand not only in manufacturing cable business but also green energy products and joint in total solution provider market. LS Cable & System global The old name including one word “Cable” may be understood as only specializing in cable production, therefore, it can’t advertise company’s image of completed system solutions in many different areas which the company tend to be.

LS Corporation is trying to renovate business model from a traditional one selling single products to a model focusing on overall solutions and considering customer a core factor. Thus, LS Cable & System concentrates on enhancing business capacity with overall solutions in power transmission field, wind energy, railway, train, airport, broadband transmission, environment friendly cities with intelligent buildings using solar energy. The new name is an evident of LS Corporation’s effort in making LS brand name number one worldwide not only in cable production and business activities but also in environment friendly products and joining completed system solutions market. LS Cable & System has advertisement strategies of its new name by participating in oversea exhibitions and PR activities all over the world.

As one of the big scale subsidiary companies of LS Cable & System Korea abroad, LS- VINA Cable is preparing both human resources and facilities in order to hold the top leading position in all areas LS-VINA takes part in not only in Vietnam but also in Southeast Asia as proved over the past period of time. Since 19 October, 2011 LS-VINA Cable Joint Stock Company official changes its name into LS-VINA Cable & System Joint Stock Company and is abbreviated “LS-VINA CNS”. Address and tax file number remain unchanged.

Together with company name change, website and email address of LS-VINA Cable are also changed. Customers can access to LS-VINA Cable website via 2 addresses: and; new email address of LS-VINA Cable & System is Old website address and email address: will continue to be used at the same time until new email address is known well by all the customers and partners.

Announce formally to all distinguished customers and partners.