LS Eco Energy is promoting the commercialization of superconducting cables in Vietnam


The LS Eco Energy company is promoting the commercialization of superconducting cables in Vietnam. LS Eco Energy announced on the 2nd April that they have signed a working agreement with the Energy Institute (IE) under the Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam on the business of...

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LS Eco Energy enters into large purchase contract for rare earth oxides to take lead in supply chain


Photograph) A scene of officials taking a commemorative photo at the Rare Earth Oxide Purchase Agreement Ceremony held at the Trade Representative Office of the Vietnamese Embassy in Seoul on the 10th. From left, Koo Bon Kyu, CEO of LS Cable & System, Sang-ho Lee, CEO...

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LS Vina Cable & System will be showcasing their cutting-edge products at the IIEE 3E XPO 2023


The Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. (IIEE), the solely Accredited Integrated Professional Organization (AIPO) by the Professional Regulation Commission for electrical engineering practitioners will be holding its 48th Annual National Convention...

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LSVINA electrical cables bring safety and quality to construction projects.


The Ministry of Public Security reports that out of more than 27,500 fire incidents occurring between 2012 and 2020, approximately 14,200 were caused by electrical system failures, accounting for 51.9%. Recently, there have been various fire incidents across the country, some of which have...

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