WORKSHOP SESSION "LS Business Products for Renewable Energy"

Currently, the issue of using renewable energy sources in parallel with enhancing energy efficiency in production to reduce costs and minimize negative impacts on the environment is emerging as a problem. necessary. Vietnam has a great potential for wind energy, with a long stretch of seaway that has abundant wind flow and a total potential of 513,360 MW. Regarding solar energy, with the advantage of being one of the countries with the most sunshine distribution in the year on the radiation map of the world, Vietnam has many advantages to exploit this energy source. .

LS Cable & System Company cooperated with LS-VINA Cable and System Joint Stock Company to hold the WORKSHOP SESSION "LS Business Products for Renewable Energy" at the Trade Center Exhibition and Conference (SECC) - 799 Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, District 7, Tp. Ho Chi Minh City on July 17, 2019 to introduce relevant agencies, customers and businesses about Solar Cable and Distribution Equipment / Power Monitoring Solution and DC System / Solution The floating PV of LS Group.

General director of LSCNS Asia opened the workshop

Besides the introduction of Solar solutions, the Conference also brought to the guests "i-Check System" - a new application in controlling, checking, maintaining and following. Monitor the status of power cables directly through smart phones and websites, which helps a lot for users and related companies.

Ms Pham Thi Thuy, leader of Cross Selling dep't introduce the content of the seminar

During the seminar, the guests were very interested, welcomed and excited to discuss about the products introduced by the experts of the group.

LSCNS expert introduces new features of LS Cable & System products

The guests shared: “We have been using electric cable products, LS VINA accessories, LS CNS for many years and we strongly believe in the quality of your products. New products introduced in the Conference today are no exception. We are confident that these new products will continue to maintain quality and do better. ”

The seminar ended very well with the affirmation of the invited guests: "We will definitely continue to use the current products as well as new products of LS VINA and LS CNS."
We - LS VINA will continue to bring great value to our customers so that they do not depend on their beliefs! ”